Real people. Together.


The Authentic and Funtastic Training System for Everyone. “Real People. Together.”

FUNCY FAMILY is a series of workouts and wellness experiences which take people on a journey to become the best possible version of themselves.

It is a new training system for a new era.

Move, Feel, Choose, Care.


Welcome to the family!

We move (physically) and are moved (emotionally). We slow down and purposefully choose the content of our minds. We’re big believers in keeping things authenticcreative and simple – call them our values. We live for being the best version of ourselves, and we care for others.

Our aim is to do good in the world and leave it a better place for the generations to come.

FUNCY FAMILY™ is a training system of funtastic group exercise concepts, for the body and mind. In its webinars and workshops, we use tools from different disciplines, ranging from ancient wisdom traditions to holistic therapy, from neuroscience to quantum physics.

Let's move!

Our concept classes

YOGAFUNC was the first concept which was created in 2011, six years before the FUNCY FAMILY training system was founded. In January 2018 is the launch for the next two concepts: HEATFUNC and PILATESFUNC. In March of 2018 is the launch for two more concepts: PARTYFUNC and BUDOFUNC. Want to know more about the concepts? Scroll down.

In the fall of 2018 there are new concepts being launched, so make sure to follow us on social media, to be informed.

1st rule... have fun.
2nd rule... have fun!

YOGAFUNC is a fun yoga class with music for everyone. Even for those who don’t like yoga. The first release was launched in the summer of 2011. 

Getting hot
in here!

HEATFUNC is a high energy, high intensity class, guaranteed to make you sweat. HEATFUNC is launched in January 2018. 

Power in
da house!

PILATESFUNC is a fun pilates class with music, targeting the important, deep muscles of the core. PILATESFUNC is launched in January 2018.

nobody's watching!

PARTYFUNC is fun dance class for everyone. In this class you will forget that you are exercising. PARTYFUNC is launched in March 2018. 

From worriers
to warriors!

BUDOFUNC is a group exercise class influenced by martial arts, beautifully combining training both for the body and the mind. BUDOFUNC is launched in March 2018.