Real people. Together.


Times are changing and so is FUNCY FAMILY. The founders of this concept family are shifting their focus from the building of this concept family into building their own family. Terje and Jocke want to thank everyone who was involved in this fun project.

“Thank You all! We really enjoyed all the events and educations we had the privilege to do with you. Fun times that we will always look back to with good feelings.

To keep it authentic which is one of our values, we must say that the world seems to have gone quite crazy in the past few years, this year especially, so we feel it’s a good time to stop and ask ourselves what really is important. For us, it’s obviously family. We have decided to end the future development of our concept family and we have started working from home, to spend more time with each other, and to be present in our children’s lives.”

Have fun. Get fit. Never Quit!


Back to basics!

Jocke will continue the exciting journey with YOGAFUNC.  It will be updated four times/year, just like before. All the new and old releases are being published to Terje’s and Jocke’s Patreon page

At the moment of writing this, Jocke is updating the page with one “new” old release each week. In the spring of 2021, all releases can be found there.

YOGAFUNC is going back to basics and Jocke is very excited to connect with all of you Funcsters, in the online classes they organize daily, and in the possible events being organized in Estonia and neighboring countries. If you want to have Jocke and Terje teach in your events, you can contact them through email:

A new concept to support YOGAFUNC!


YINFUNC is a class that Jocke has been planning for a while already, and now as they are starting over, it’s the perfect time to launch it. YINFUNC is the younger sibling for YOGAFUNC. It’s the class that balances the Yang style YOGAFUNC class. When the Yang aspect is dynamic and strong, the Yin aspect is passive and soft. It’s the yoga class that helps us release tension, go into deeper openings, and slow down the mind.

The YOGAFUNC (YF) and YINFUNC (YIF) concepts don’t have license fees anymore. By supporting Terje and Jocke through their Patreon page, you have access to all the material for these classes. An additional one-day workshop will be organized for all the YF instructors who want to start teaching YIF.

Terje and Jocke believe in the principles of giving and receiving. Some call it Karma. It can be easily explained with these two ideas they follow.

1) Support what you like or it will go away.
2) Give credit where credit is due.

Test classes for YINFUNC will be organized this fall/winter 2020.

Have fun. Get fit. Never quit!

YOGAFUNC #38 (Short Form)